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      • Introduction|Intro & Information
      • Category:Characters|Characters
      • Category:Sub-Characters|Sub-Characters
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      • Category:Title Menu|Title Menu
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      • FAQ|Frequently Asked Questions
    • Friend Mode
      • Friend Mode|Friend Mode & Info
        Category:Map_/_Locations|Map / Locations
        Category:Jealousy Event|Jealousy Event
    • Lover Mode
      • Lover Mode|Lover Mode & info
        Category:Touch_Event|Touch / Skinship
        Category:Map_/_Locations|Map / Locations
        Category:Mail_Questions|Mail Q & A
        Category:Study_Session_Answers|Study Session
        Category:Special_Events|Special Events
    • Category:miscellaneous|Other
      • Category:ラブプラスTOOLS|TOOLS & Data Transfer
        Category:Boyfriend Lock|Boyfriend Lock
        Category:Wherever Date|Wherever Date
        Category:Password Protected Items|Password Protected Items
        Category:Shop Items|Shop Items
        Category:Memories Gallery|Memories Gallery
        Category:Dream Events|Dream Events
        Category:AR MARK|AR MARK
        Category:User Notes|User Notes

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