informartion on how to download these 'a page of Youth' events can be found here

whenever there is an event to watch you'll find the 'Youth's Page' icon appear for a limited time in your activity menu

to witness the 'Youth's Page' events you have to visit at certain dates/certain periods of time after 9:00PM

your Youth's Page events will be saved for replay in your 'youthful memory' folder in イベントギャラリー | Event Gallery


(note:the first Youh's Page events will not be saved in your gallery)


Rinko: (similar to the 2 second screens you get when you enter late at night)



19-03-2012 / Manaka: you've been transferred to the tennis court where Manaka is been practicing and then she has a quarrel with some of her club members and her sensei

20-03-2012 / Rinko: you walk together to the library where Rinko has a quarrel with two of her club members

21-03-2012 / Nene:


you walk together to Dixies and Nene is worried about 'Aisha Dining' being a rival shop, once you arrive Dixies is empty and everyone is not in their best spirit.You and Nene decide to visit 'Aisha Dining' and spy on their menu and general behavior. your boss discovers you dining at the rival shop and you both get into trouble. You then get to meet and chat with 'Aisha Dining's staff..


22-03-2012 / Manaka:


23-03-2012 / Rinko:


24-03-2012 / Nene:



27-03-2012 / Rinko: and her library club members make up and decide to form a band!








Rinko: you are asked to select 'What do you think our band's name should be?' once you choose one of these options you will be selecting the name and eventually text and color design of the band's t-shirts

you are presented with these options:


十羽野ライブラリアンズ | Jū Hano raiburarianzu | Towano's Liverians
イン・ザ・ライ | In za rai | In The Rye
ザ・ダダ | Za Dada | The Dada
リンコ&ザ・ステューピッド | Rinko & za sute~yūpiddo | Rinko & The Stupid






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