make sure you've switched your wireless activity on
before downloading or uploading your own 'Wherever Date'

423118 257609410982118 246379258771800 619831 611654378 a どこでもデート | Wherever Date

写真を撮る | Take a picture
choose girl's position and take real picture of background for 'Wherever Date'

写真を見る | View photos
view,delete & edit photo info or sketch where picture graphics will come on top of the girl (with red)

デートの編集 | Editing the date
create new or edit chain of pictures & transportation info for 'Wherever Date'

デートの新規作成 | New creation of date
デートの再編集 | Re-edit the date

デートで遊ぶ | Playing the date
play personally created or downloaded 'Wherever Date'


通信メニュー | Communication menu
connect transfer & download 'Wherever Date' from other devices or online from Konami & other users or change online HN

アップロード | Upload
ダウンロード | Download
直接送受信 | Direct transmission and reception
HN入力 | Handle name input

Wherever Date | Download

enter WD-->enter 5th option, デートで遊ぶ | Playing the date (hugging icon)-->click 'o" and 'ok'--->select 2nd option, ダウンロード | Download(arrow pointing downwards)-->now you have 3 options, 1st option is custom made dates created and uploaded by users, 2nd option is the dates based on their ranking, 3rd option are the official dates by KONAMI or other companies (tsuyasa,7-eleven,etc**), choose the date you wish to experience and wait for it to download to your SD card.

new date courses will be added frequently, visit this option regularly.

Wherever Date | Play Downloaded Content

enter WD-->4th option, デートで遊ぶ | Playing the date (document with heart icon)-->2nd option(exchanging hands)-->choose the downloaded data you'd like to play.

some official dates can only be downloaded and accessed by scanning an AR code first or having to-do some real life tasks to unlock them, unfortunately these AR code and tasks are for Japanese members only since for instance the AR card might only be found in front of the stores)

Wherever Date | Edit, create & upload


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