Patch Install instructionsEdit

Requirements: you need to update to the latest 3DS 4.1.0-8J system (or later) first, follow these instructions here

to download the patching utility for the 1st time either visit the e-shop and find the patch or just switch the 3DS camera on by clicking L or R on the 3DS menu, select the AR marker icon(small pixel-y icon) and point it to the AR marker shared under this post, after the software download is over enter the game and you'll notice the game has been automatically updated with a new menu interface, click on the '更新データ確認' box that appears underneath the "newLovePlus" logo and wait for the update to take place

Nlp update eshop

download additional patchesEdit

you will now have the '更新データ確認' (Check for updated data) button remain on your NLP menu, you will be making future updates for new patches by simply clicking this button whenever there is a new patch to download


Data Update LogEdit

v1.1 / June 13, 2012 (Wed)Edit

  • Improvement of problems with communication such as telephone or e-mail and physical contact with "her"
  • Improvement of girl's reaction to touch event & skinship
  • will Automatically allow improvements from "Love Plus TOOLS" and "Repair takeover save data"
  • temporary suspension of the defective ToDo events other
  • schedule option and day now changes at 00:00AM rather than 6:00AM
  • rich arrive at 00:00AM rather than 6:00AM
  • activity hearts now are much easier to raise up to use in dates
  • other

v1.2 / September 19, 2012(Wed)Edit

  • Improvement of game's menu speed operation
  • Improvement of ToDo events operation
  • ToDo events only occur after you activate them
  • Improvement of schedule input screen
  • "new" and "!" logo appears when something is updated
  • "export all" and "delete all" galley buttons
  • new Enosima Day Trip event added (Special_Events)
  • more changes in skinship (second part is removed completely)
  • new Enosima Day Trip event added (weekends and holidays)
  • rich exchange is limitless now and 3 coins = 1 rich instead of 5 = 1
  • rich weekly allowance has been raised (from 10-50r to 100-150r)
  • you can now see the whole of her in LPM (bottom arrow key)
  • missing photo button icon from events fixed
  • added real calendar dates to their program
  • new album for trip events and your trip saved data
  • new lunch-box sparkling animation
  • time traveling via changing the 3DS clock now causes game to remain stuck back
  • new time travel button to re-synch your save slot data with your 3DS's clock
  • (Atami Trip 3DS reworked data for NLP)
  • Other

TOOLS Fix Update & Save Data Correction (16/04/2012)Edit

if you've installed tools before 16/04/2012 you'll need to update your system with the latest TOOLS software.

Fix UpdateEdit

to download enter you e-shop, if you don't have the latest version a notification about the new TOOLS software should appear.

Data CorrectionEdit


to debug your save data with the newest TOOLS software follow these written instructions here, or watch this video instructions here.



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