Touching Tutorial (v1.0)Edit

Unlike the previous games you can now 'touch' and perform skinship with the girl at any point of the game. Just switch to normal 3D view and rub her silhouette. Notice the girl's shade and the various different shade tones she is projecting. Each shade is a sign she is in a different mood, therefore different chain of actions need to be performed by you. What she accepts as good or bad touching will depend on the Crowd Radar. Shades may determine how fast the heart meter fills up or how soon before she wants to kiss you.


start skinshipEdit

to start skinship you need to put just a little more efford after the 1.1 update, for instance you need to do a full stylus circle on her shade to start skinship rather than just tap her like it was before the patch


find a spot that is anything else than blue and make petite circles almost the size of the head of a pin till that turns into blue again then you have to find another spot and do the same again


this no longer has a positive effect, one tap might change the color of an area from blue but it mostly irritates the girl and might end skinship short

hold and slideEdit

hold your stylus on the girl for a few second and you'll notice a cylinder symbol appear then you can slide really fast toward up/down directions. choosing the down('come closer') direction will move skinship to the next stage, choosing the up('go away') direction will end skinship and continue back to the game (sometimes it might not work). to choose to forward to the next level you must first gather one heart in the first screen and a second in the next otherwise the girls just tells you to keep going, so this option has a minimum of gathering two hearts/kisses..


Girl's ShadeEdit



0-2 Bars: Swiping motions

3-Max: Tapping motions


NOTE: She may switch up on this RANDOMLY.

Methods of TouchingEdit


draw a zig zag line from one side of the girl to the other


draw your stylus from up to down really fast you know you've sucessfully done it if you receive a star and not a heart


once the eyes loosen up a bit you can slide the stylus towards one direction(up/down) but try not to slide/keep the stylus on the girls for a very long time, continuous cut one-direction slides of about 5mm/1cm is better, repeat this many times. soften your speed as the eyes loosen up more or stop if the eyes get too intense


when the eyes are too intense you're not allowed to do much other than tap the stylus really fast in various parts of her head and body to produce stars, just touch and release really fast and continuously

hold and slideEdit

let your stylus on the girl for a few second and you'll notice a cylinder symbol appear then you can slide really fast toward up/down directions. this may shift skinship to kissing quicker.


build small loophole cyrcles that start from the bottom go all the way up to form the hoop and end to the bottom of the other side

Kissing TutorialEdit


Each face in the kiss screen needs a different approach and kissing style, you'll know you're successfully succeeding in kissing when you hear the distinguish sound and received pink hearts (instead of orange or blue).


Face#1:head down/sideways as she looks down

tip#1: Left neck

2 copy

Face#2:head tilts sideways & calm eyebrows

tip#2: Left cheek


Face#3: head tilts sideways & intense eyebrows

tip#3: Left cheek


Face#4: head down/sideways as she looks to the side

tip#4: Short hold(tap) on lips

6 copy

Face#5: head straight forward with intense eyebrows

tip#5: Long hold on lips (7 hearts leave her lips)


Face#6: she looks and position head sideways

tip#6: Left ear


Face#7:once it's over she will lean forward and kiss you.

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