Rich | explanation & turning 3DS coins into NLP RICH

"Rich" is what the game money is called & what you use
every time you buy food or something at an item store, etc.
every Sunday, the amount of RICH you collect
is based on how many times you've used the
Part Time Job command during the past week,


421899 266968883379504 246379258771800 643911 1943843407 n429523 266968843379508 246379258771800 643910 1356287134 n
in the 3DS menu, at the top of the upper screen notice the little feet and coin icon,
these are 3DS COINS that you can turn into RICH for the NEWラブプラス game,

"How do I collect 3DS coins?"
switch the 3DS on and once the main menu pops up,
close the 3DS lid and insert the 3DS in a pocket or
somewhere where it can feel the vibrations from your body,
3DS will then work as a pedometer and for each few steps you make
you win 3DS COINS that you can exchange later in the NEWラブプラス game for RICH
There is a day limit of 10 3DS COINS per day.

"How do I exchange 3DS coins for NEWラブプラス RICH?"
5 x 3DS COINS = 1 x NEWラブプラス RICH
enter the game and the save data you wish to transfer
and add your 3DS COINS to, then click the following path:

マイページ| My Page --> ステータス | Level

at the upper top you'll see a number,
this is the NEWラブプラス RICH that you own,

428651 266970166712709 246379258771800 643916 1785201511 n
in order to add your 3DS COINS to the game's RICH
click the following button and agree till you've
successfully exchanged it,
425687 266966800046379 246379258771800 643905 1535919365 n
5 x 3DS COINS = 1 x NEWラブプラス RICH

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