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Personalities Edit

Each girl has three different personalites. Their personality affects the way they talk/text to you, what clothes they wear, and how they fix their room. There are also different Jealousy and Confession scenes based on personality. In Friend/Repeat Mode, changing personality is easy. In Lovers Mode...

Types Edit

Blue - Cool and Calm (Default) / cool * silent
Orange - Nice and Mature / warm * silent
Pink - Bright and Passionate / warm * active
Blue - Cool and Calm (Default) / cool * silent
Green - Smart and Aggressive / cool * active
Pink - Bright and Passionate / warm * active
Orange - Nice and Mature (Default) / warm * silent
Green - Smart and Aggressive / cool * active
Pink - Bright and Passionate / warm * active

Changing PersonalitiesEdit

There are two attributes in changing a girl's personality: Mood and Activity.

Mood is either warm or cool and they are affected complimentary. If you act warm and affectionate to her, then she will act cool and confident. Vice versa, if you act cool or bothered, she will take note and be more warm and affectionate to you. Effectiveness is based on her feelings.

Activity is either silent or active and are affected supplementary. If you are active with skinship and calling out on dates, she will also be active. Effectiveness is based on your stats.

She will randomly ask you via short dates or text about what personality you like and regardless of what you pick, she may change personalities based on the attributes.

Friend ModeEdit

When you see her at school, you are given four options to call her:

1) Say Hi (Default)

2) Call her name out (2nd Personality)

3) Chop/Kick her (Pink Personality)

4) Don't talk to her

You will usually get the change before the confession event.

Lover ModeEdit

When she texts you, you can reply with either:

1) Reply randomly *cool*

2) Reply normally

3) Reply passionately *warm*

The more *warm* replies, the cooler she gets. The more *cool* replies, the warmer she gets.

Activity factors may include whether you: hold hands while walking, start skinship, call her, walk home with her.

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