Mail MenuEdit


受信ボックス | Inbox

メール送信 | Send Mail

送信ボックス | Outbox

着ボイス設定 | Alert voice setting

Send MailEdit

挨拶 | GreetingsEdit


おはよう | Good Morning

おやすみ | Good Night

何してる? | What are you doing?

げんき? | How are you feeling? ("Fine?")

気分送信 | Send Mood MailEdit


気分がいい | I feel great.

少し落ち込んでいる | I'm a little depressed.

疲れた | I'm tired.

忙しい | I'm busy.

ひま | I'm free. (spare time)

愛の言葉 | Love MessageEdit


愛の言葉 | love message

好きだよ | I love you

会いたいな | I want to meet you

Alert Voice Setting (Mail Ringtone)Edit

there is now an easy way to make a quick distinction between a regular chit-chat mail from the girl, or an important other type of mail and that is by giving each type of mail format a different ringtone when you receive it

430691 267531739989885 246379258771800 645370 2072717177 n
カノジョのメール | Girlfriend's(Her)Mail
友達のメール | A friend's mail
連絡メール | Connection mail
情報メール | Information mail
謎メール | Mystery mail

Hair / Clothes / Accessories mailEdit

to view more about questions & answers concerning the hairstyle/fashion choices please visit here

'Dream Catcher' MailEdit

to view a list of the 'Dream Catcher' mail and tips & tricks how to trigger Dream Events, please visit here

Special MailEdit

Towano Town QuestionnaireEdit



422086 282605155142896 100001802400532 658741 765907855 n "Request of a vacant store 'East Tawano',
Please request the store of your preferences."
Reply options:
426186 282605131809565 100001802400532 658740 1827442238 n

Coffee Shop
Fast food
Curry shop
Ramen shop
Japanese Yakiniku shop
Sushi shop
Wasyoku Kanmi shop





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