in the game you start with basic camera equipment but you can collect rich & buy more electronic equipment to enhance your photo taking options

transfer your in-game photos to your SD-cardEdit

visit the in-game menu and there select:
[カメラ | Camera] - [アルバム | Photo Album]

there you'll find the photo album
containing all the picture you've taken
throughout the game, (in-game & 'Wherever Date')

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to transfer your in-game photos to your SD-card,
click on the picture you would like to transfer
and then the 1st option that appears on top,
"データ出力 / DATA OUT-PUT".

transfer your SD-card content to other sourcesEdit

- there are two ways to do that:

  • you can buy a SD-card USB reader, remove the card, connect the card to the USB device and transfer the content to a computer
  • you can connect to the internet directly(blue sphere on top of the 3DS menu) via the 3DS device and upload the context to an email (forwarded to yourself) or directly upload the material to Flickr,Facebook or any other internet location

***ATM there is no certain way to transfer your AR pics from ラブプラTOOLS to your SD-card

Where to buy Camera EquipmentEdit

  1. とわのひがし(East Towano) --> ショッピング街(Shopping area) --> カメラショップ(Camera shop)
  2. 電気街(Electronic town) --> 電気店(Electronic shop)
  3. 噴水公園(Fountain Park) --> カメラのパーツ(The part of a camera / Requirements Fountain Park Lv3)

visit here to find what and where you can shop to extent your photo taking experience

Camera EquipmentEdit

Zoom lensEdit

(+1 /+2 / +3) gives you the ability to zoom in/out with the pad

silent zoomEdit

(+1 /+2 /+4) softens the girl's reaction when you zoom in/out

Record cardEdit

(6 /8 /10 /12 /14 /16 /18 /20) you gain a higher number of picture space

Shake ReductionEdit

( - / +1) lowers the possibility to have a blurry picture taken

Camouflage bodyEdit

( - /+1 /+2) softens the girl's reaction to the camera

Silent bodyEdit

( - / +1) softens the girl's reaction to the camera

Sweet bodyEdit

( - / +1) softens the girl's reaction to the camera

Relax bodyEdit

( - / +1) softens the girl's reaction to the camera

Serious bodyEdit

( - / +1) softens the girl's reaction to the camera

Special Effect

Without filter Soft focus (Large) Soft focus (Small) Depth of field (Large) Depth of field (Small)
HRD (Large) HRD (Small) Toy Camera (Bright green) Toy Camera (Dark green) Toy Camera (Bright yellow)
Toy Camera (Dark yellow) Instant (Standard) Instant (Highlighted yellow) Instant (Highlighted blue) nstant (Highlighted red)
Antique (Bright sepia) Antique (Dark sepia) Antique (Bright black-and-white) Antique (Dark black-and-white) -

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how to change Filter/EquipmentEdit

tap into one of the following options and then choose the product you've bought from the list that will appear

Example: parameter Change with each Filter/Equipment 430114 266928486716877 246379258771800 643831 1990417232 n

撮影枚数 | Number of shots
ズーム | Zoom
手ぶれ補正 | Shake correction
ステルス | Stealth
シャッター音 | Shutter sound
ズーム音 | Zoom sound
example: Where you add/remove each filter/Equipment429984 266928456716880 246379258771800 643830 346770991 n
マイカメラ | My Camera
-記録カード | Record card
レンズ | Lens
手ぶれ補正 | Shake correction
特殊効果 | Special effects
交換パーツ | Replacement Parts

Camouflage body+1Edit


Silent body+1Edit


Sweet body+1Edit


Relax body+1Edit


Serious body+1Edit



you have the ability to zoom in/out by sliding the pad. the zoom makes a noise which cause the girl to react sometimes. if you want you can buy the silent zoom for less agitation by the girl.

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[L] button (& zoom+1)Edit

holding down the [L] button and moving the device around you can wander around up/down/left/right before you take a shot

some examples of the [L] button (while having zoom+1 at it's maximum usage)

highest view(horizontal)

HNI 0063

lowest view(horizontal)

HNI 0062

highest view(vertical)

HNI 0064

lowest view(vertical)

HNI 0065

furthest side(horizontal)

HNI 0066

furthest side(vertical)

HNI 0067

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