when you are about to go on a date your status and parameters will affect the events and activities you will be allowed to participate in during each date. before going on a date you get to choose which heart combinations you would like to use to trigger these events.

Tips & tricksEdit

during a date you will either hear a beep sound or see one of the date action icons popping up, you have to be fast and click on the icons otherwise you might miss these events.

some icons will remain gray and unresponsive unless you buy some products first to be able to unlock and experience them.for instance when the girl is visiting your house you can do 3 home activities like playing mini games, listen to a CD, watch a DVD etc but you can't choose the DVD or CD listening option unless you visit the relevant store and buy the specific product first..

Hidden Camera EventEdit


during a date,study date or visit to her room you can now enjoy an intimate photo session with her.

during a dateEdit

n order to trigger this hidden event you have to read the emotions of the moment. girl will be extremely happy and it will feel like she is waiting for you to take a picture of her and that precious moment. you will then hear a beep sound (and the photo icon flashes) and you will then have to click the 'R' button fast. the photo button usually flashes right after you leave the location you had set the date on and after the girl is giving you her opinion on the date location and activities you witnessed. the 2D backgrounds in this occassion remain the same but the girl can listen to your commands on how you want her to pose for you. "cute","pose","cheeeeeze" etc are words the girl can understand and act accordingly.

during a study date/room visitEdit

this time the event is full 3D with double screens and 3D backgrounds and the overall view is almost 360 / less limited than usual, the girl can listen to your commands on how you want her to pose for you. "cute","pose","cheeeeeze" etc are words the girl can understand and act accordingly. during study dates, after you've won for the 3rd time, you will enter the intimate photography session automatically after she changes into a cosplay outfit for the second time.

BUG: you might experience a bug where you can't move freely in this event if you've previously have the gyro effect on during the course of the date. be careful when you have this effect on as it might lock and minimize the potentials of the wider gyro view during this event.

Date Effects & Parameter RequirementsEdit

Date effects are random unless certain specs are used. The top 3 effects will occur in your date.

Title Effect Requirements
Max Heart Go right into 2nd phase of skinship FIT6, INT6, CHA6
Invitation Invite her to your home INT3, SEN4, CHA4
Together Longer A date at her home FIT4, INT4, CHA4
Active Go into kissing regardless of skinship FIT3, SEN4
Lost End up at a different spot then assigned unknown
Happening unknown unknown
Photogenic unknown unknown
A Good Rumor unknown FIT3, CHA3
A Weird Rumor unknown unknown
Mysterious unknown unknown
Sunshine Man Despite a rainy forecast, it will be sunny unknown
A World for Us unknown unknown
Influenza unknown unknown
Handmade Lunch She will make a boxed lunch for you unknown
Starving unknown unknown
Diet unknown unknown
Slow Life unknown unknown
Charm Up unknown unknown
Stand-out Couple unknown unknown
Whimsy Girlfriend unknown unknown

Event List & RequirementsEdit

1 clothing check / SEN2+CHA2Edit

be able to comment and choose if you'd like her to keep the clothing style she appears with.

2 accessory check / INT2+SEN2Edit

Khgh hair style check / INT2+CHA2Edit

be able to comment and choose if you'd like her to keep the hair style she appears with.

Fhd conversation on the move (lv.1) / FIT1+INT1Edit

talk while taking a walk

Igu conversation on the move (lv.2)Edit

talk twice while taking a walk

Bvhn conversation on the move (lv.3)Edit

talk 3 times while taking a walk

Jhjh invite to meal (lv.1) / INT2+SEN2Edit

Invite to meal

Hg invite to meal (lv.2)Edit

Invite to meal twice

Yufuyj additional date spot (lv.1)Edit

add an additional date spot

Jg additional date spot (lv.2)Edit

add two additional spot on your date

Yjfjy invite to your home (at the end of the date)Edit

in your house you can: watch DVD / listen to a CD / play Mini Games VS your girlfriend. Note: in order to listen to a CD or watch a DVD you have to first visit the relevant shops and buy the specific product.

Jhfh visit her home (at the end of the date)Edit

in her house you can: visit her room / study together /trigger hidden camera effect/...../.

Ghj desired hair style changeEdit

choose the hair style of your choice

Jfjh desired hair length changeEdit

choose the hair length of your choice

Jfh desired accessory changeEdit

choose the accessories of your choice

Jgvh desired fashion changeEdit

coordinate her fashion

Gkkg change the nickname of my girlfriendEdit

change the nickname for how you call her

Jff change my nicknameEdit

change the nickname for how she call you

NOTE: The general rule is Meal, Original Date, 2nd Date, 3rd Date, then Meal again. Once you take the second meal you will not go to another spot.

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