AR marker | Instructions
※ download ラブプラスTOOLS in advance, from the Nintendo e-shop through your 3DS device (200 yen).
※ AR marker, are in Portable Document Format (PDF), AR marker files can be used one at a time.

download PDF and use a printer to print:

※ be sure to print in color.
※ print the whole picture, do not cut the black border around.
※ can be printed either in a A4 or A3 paper, she will appear nearly life-size.
※ if the AR marker becomes dirty, bent, etc it may affect the recognition accuracy
※ new AR marker will be added multiple times a month, please keep visiting:

postion the AR Mark where you want the NEWラブプラス girl to pop out
in ラブプラスTOOLS menu select "AR撮影 | AR shooting" and point the device
to the AR Mark that is positioned inside your environment,
wait for the device to read the card and you are ready.

***you can test AR Marker directly from your screen

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