Purchase & InstallationEdit

an additional 3DS software you can buy & download to transfer
your old ラブプラス/ラブプラス+ save data to the 3DS game or use
the NEWラブプラス AR picture taking feature

ラブプラスTOOLS cost 200Y, to download you'll first need
either a prepaid Nintendo eshop card or a credit card

insert your SD card to your device,

to upload credit visit Nintendo eshop

from the eshop menu press the 'add funds' button

405812 259766800766379 246379258771800 626317 152402625 n

{C}you will then be asked if you want to add funds via an eshop card or a Credit Card,

(example: US eshop screen)

418659 259767740766285 580840312 n

{C}choose the option you want to continue with and either:

  • scratch your prepaid eshop card & type the card digit to your 3DS screen
  • or add money via a Credit card (foreign CC will successfully work will this system)

428054 259757167434009 246379258771800 626300 772690040 n

you will then be asked the amount of credit you want to upload
choose the amount you feel most comfortable with and tap it
make sure you've uploaded the credit to your eshop account

visit the eshop, search and find Konami & ラブプラスTOOLS
425193 259757657433960 246379258771800 626301 1129582460 n
419220 259757714100621 246379258771800 626302 251379902 n

tap and purchase them
let the ラブプラスTOOLS download to your device

this might take a while,
(balls enter box till box is orange)

AR撮影 | AR ModeEdit

let your Device read the AR marks which will position the girl inside your environment where you can take pictures with her being a part. in order to use this feature you'll need to create the AR Marks in addition.

アルバム | (AR) Photo AlbumEdit

the album where your AR picture are stored.

データ引継 | (SAVE) Import DataEdit

after you've downloaded ラブプラスTOOLS, lanch the apllication.

418154 259745620768497 246379258771800 626247 170194329 n

insert a card game of ラブプラス or ラブプラス+ where your save data is stored

at the ラブプラスTOOLS menu select データ引継 / Import Data

select 'OK' and let it proceed until it's over, ('はい' means 'yes')

422854 259745704101822 246379258771800 626248 1359217358 n

409029 259745767435149 246379258771800 626249 140561458 n

quit the ラブプラスTOOLS.

insert the NEWラブプラス card in the device

enter title menu and select データ管理 / Data Management

409103 259746210768438 246379258771800 626255 816370409 n

select データ引繼 / Data import

select the save slot(s) you wish to transfer and click 'OK'

423229 259746800768379 246379258771800 626258 2132700978 n424298 259763067433419 246379258771800 626306 1123997473 n
let it proceed until it's over (might take a while)
verification that transfer was successful

カノジョデータ出力 | (Girlfriend) Data ExportEdit

TOOLS Fix Update & Data Correction (16/04/2012)Edit

if you've installed tools before 16/04/2012 you'll eed to update your system with the latest TOOLS software.

Fix UpdateEdit

to download enter you e-shop, a notification about the new TOOLS software will appear.

Data CorrectionEdit


to debug your save data with the newest TOOLS software follow these written instructions here, or watch this video instructions here.



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